Year 2014 in Review

As the end of this year is approaching, it’s time to do some retrospection.

It’s been a good and busy year. A challenging and successful one.

With my new company, Search Explained, I’ve been working for companies on four continents.

I traveled more than 90 days this year, more than 110,000 km, to 14 countries.

I did a conference keynote at SPSUK, countless sessions at events around the world; workshops and trainings from the US through Europe to Singapore.

I wrote several blog post here and started a new blog at IT Unity.

On our Enterprise Search network, we’ve got almost 250 members in less than a year. And more importantly: we’ve been having interesting and some very challenging discussions as well. Thank to our members, the network is very active!

I’m planning for 2015 now. It’s going to be a VERY challenging year. Some keywords in my plans: search — explained, search academy, e-book, search quality, knowledge management, trainings, workshops, travel… I can’t wait to share more very soon!

Happy and prosperous year everyone, see you in 2015!

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