Stop Comparing!

Today I want to share a couple thoughts about making comparisons.

I recently shared an article on my Aghy’s World Facebook page by Wendy Redden. If you missed it and want to read it, it’s here: Ms Redden’s #9 tip is ‘Stop Comparing’.

I want to add to this a little because I think that it’s something which we all tend to do and which, as a coach and a mentor, I often come across with my mentees.

There is so much information and advice on the big wide web, some good and some of it is terrible! Information comes from many sources for any audience and the area of women talking to women is no exception. This is certainly not a criticism on my part — I think it is just fantastic that so many women want to share in a way which can make the journey a little easier for those coming along behind us in generational terms. Also, I really do think that we older girls can learn equally as much from our younger counterparts.

The point which I really want to make is that whilst it is great, and I think, important, to have role models, mentors and aspirational ideals — it is especially important not to fall into the habit of comparing yourself to anyone else — no matter how amazing and modelling-worthy that person may be.

It is just too easy to believe that you fall short somehow in the comparison. To me this defeats the object and value of having access to the wide range of wonderful people, either personally or remotely.

No one who truly wishes to encourage and foster your growth as a person or as a professional, would want you to regard them as being in any way superior to you. Those of us who are fortunate to touch the lives of others, particularly youngsters, would be appalled if we thought you were comparing yourself unfavourably in any way!

So the next time you catch yourself in the act of comparison — any comparison — as Ms Redden says: Stop Comparing!

You are you and no one does it better 🙂

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