Sharing Shows Caring

The brilliant thing about so many social and professional media platforms is that it’s so easy for anyone to access up-to-the-minute developments, news and updates in any given field which may interest us, from any number of contributors.

Sure, we can complain about being bombarded with information overload — if you’ve ever visited one of my Information Architecture sessions, you know how big challenge it is! But to my mind, it’s also a big improvement upon the dark ages of not so long ago, when we had to dig and drag out information in much more laborious ways. Besides which, we can, without too much effort, screen and glean the information we want from that which is surplus to requirement.

Different people in my professional and my personal networks, focus on different information and sources, some of which are of common interest between us. It’s always great when someone shares something, often specifically to me, which is known to be within my professional area or within an area of my personal interests. Like everyone else, I run a pretty packed schedule, so it’s very possible that I may have missed an item which I would have enjoyed or I would have found of value. I appreciate it when someone has thought of me too. We all like to be thought of!

The best thing about this kind of sharing, is that it often expands my perception and stimulates my interest more creatively, when it’s of the kind that touches upon my field or interest, but comes from an angle or source, which I probably wouldn’t ordinarily seek out or come across.

It’s easy to become tunnel visioned when engrossed in our own field and our own area of specialisation. The article may be greeted with, ‘oh that’s quite interesting’ and nothing more, at the time. However, I have found from past experience, that it is quite amazing how at some later date, my mind goes back to that piece of information because it has become more significant due to unforeseen developments in my own work, like a new client brief or a project from an industry sector new to me.

So I hope that anytime anyone thinks of sharing or commenting in any of the social media spaces or platforms which I inhabit, they might feel less shy of doing so, after reading this blog.

To me, sharing shows caring!

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