Ditch and Delegate

This is what I am doing! And it feels great 🙂

I make no apology for writing quite often about being a working mom — it’s a big part of my life, and the same for many of you I know.

On that note, I’d like to share this piece 25 Things Every Working Mom Should Do for Herself, by Vivian Manning-Schaffel, posted January 29, 2016.

I liked this article because it’s practical, doable stuff which all we working moms might easily use. Most of us are probably doing many of these things already, except if you’re like me, a reminder is always good — it’s too easy to let the self-care elements slide. We know what to do to make improvements for ourselves, but often knowing is not doing!

The past couple of weeks I have managed to get a handle on two of Vivian’s recommendations: ditching the guilt and delegating.

Tip #8 — Be as good a delegator at home as you are at work.

The suggestions were more in the vein of getting the rest of the family to help out and pull their weight (never a bad thing!) but I’ve taken it on board by delegating some of my baby-care time — I’ve outsourced it! Because it was timely to do so. I’ve found a lovely babysitter to take care of my baby boy two days a week and I am very happy with the new arrangement. Which leads me nicely to the next tip I’ve adopted…

Tip #24 Ditch the guilt

Vivian wrote:

“Working mother guilt is palpable. We’ve all felt it at one time or another, like when our professional obligations cause us to miss a school play or host fewer playdates, or when our kids’ grades go down (of course it’s our fault). To ease your mind, the American Psychological Association analyzed 69 studies over 50 years and learned that children whose mothers worked when they were young had no major learning, behavior or social problems, and tended to be high achievers in school and have less depression and anxiety.

Do you relate to that? I do! As happy as I am with delegating some of my baby care commitments, I wouldn’t be honest if I didn’t own up to at least a teeny twinge of guilt — or more! Sure, I am looking forward to really stepping up my productivity on other commitments, but still, there is guilt … which I am ditching!

Is there something you have ditched, and delegated? Love to hear how that’s working out for you.

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