Attitude of Gratitude

I recently shared an article on my Facebook page Aghy’s World “Is Productivity Contagious” by Jessica Stillman. This article caught my eye because I am of the belief that behaviour of any sort is contagious, and, therefore, I found it very credible that productivity is indeed contagious.

If you buy into this concept, it makes you conscious of your behaviour and how it can ‘contaminate’ those around you. The intention to behave in a positive way at the start of the day can deteriorate quite easily as one thing or another crops up to erode our best intentions. Some days it can really seem as if the day is comprised of ‘just one thing after another’ to railroad our plans and intentions! I certainly find this to be true when I am working from my home office. With a newborn, plus two still young children, a husband and a demanding client list, it is no surprise that my day does not always go to plan. I can get to feeling a mite frustrated when it turns out to be ‘that sort of day’.

Behaviour is reflective. Have you ever noticed that if you walk through the workplace, the marketplace, or in fact, any place, with a smile on your face and an easy step, that you receive more smiles back? It really works! It’s quite powerful to realize that the attitude of those around you can be so significantly influenced by your own.

The challenge, of course, is how to keep your positive attitude going when outside influences can seem to be conspiring to put a dent in your good intentions! I cannot list the number of occasions when I have started out great and then found myself in a downward spiral due to a succession of ‘contaminants’.

One mechanism I like to use is to practice an attitude of gratitude. It’s an immediate mood changer. It is impossible to feel down when I focus on something for which I am truly grateful. It can be any little thing!

What’s your mood changer? Do you already use the attitude of gratitude method? I’d love to hear what works for you.

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