A Brand New Life

There can be no more exciting life experience, than that of a brand new life. Every mother certainly knows this! A new baby fills us with such love, joy and gratitude. Whether a first time mother, or a mother of many seasons, the sense of wonder is indescribable. All our hopes and dreams become rekindled in this amazing miracle of nature. Each little Wonder arrives with their particular personality, foibles and specialness. Each is unlike any other child anywhere. Each of our children contribute, and impact upon our life, in completely individual ways. You could say that, with each new life, we, as mothers, are moulded afresh. We are added to and become greater for it. In fact, we start a brand new life of our own.

I know that my new son will be as much a teacher to me as I will be to him. He will have a view of the world that is his perspective alone. As his mother, I shall have the blessed privilege of a special insight into the world as I have never perceived it before. I find this prospect incredibly exciting! It really is an adventure!!

Much has been written about the sense of a loss of identity women sometimes experience through motherhood; most especially women who have had to put their career second, or on the back-burner, in order to have and to raise a child. It is therefore very important that we find, and develop, the positives in the experience on a daily basis. We need to be mindful and present to the opportunity of newness; of accepting that our life has changed completely and that there is no going back to ‘me as I was’; and in so doing, embrace the ‘new me’ — because like the old fashioned laundry detergent advertisements, this really is a ‘new and improved’ brand!

Traditionally we tend to think of a mother giving life to her baby. The focus is upon the mother doing all the giving, nurturing, providing. Naturally, we mothers do all these things — some days with more patience than others! With a newborn, our lives usually become more hectic, the demands upon our energy, time and resources are greater. We are more tired and some of us take longer to recover from the birth. Others of us experience postpartum effects like the Baby Blues. It’s not difficult to see how the emphasis is upon what a mother gives and even, gives up, to bring forth a new life. Yet we also receive — on a scale unimaginable to us, prior to our motherhood experience.

So, I say, welcome to the world, my son! It’s a brand new life — for both of us…

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