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Be a successful entrepreneur in your small business

My Five Tips for Small Businesses

When establishing a new business, excitement is one of the key motivators. Of course, you are excited! I am not an exception either. When I quit my job to start working on my won, I was super excited. I was also scared. I wanted to do everything at once. But at many times, I was […]

Guilt Management

Guilt Management for Mothers

In the last few days, I was reading Sheryl Sandberg’s book: Lean In – Women, Work, and the Will to Lead. (Thank you my friend, Vanessa for the recommendation!) I am planning to write a separate post about the book itself, but one sentence of Sheryl resonated me a lot. She writes: “Guilt management can […]

Business trip luggage

Five Things I Learned while NOT Traveling for 403 days

  Being quite addicted to traveling (yes, I have to admit that!), I love taking my luggage and heading to the airport, visiting new countries or getting back to familiar places. Although I was over 25 when I took my first flight, travel became an addiction soon. I’ve been to more than thirty countries in […]

How to Support your Spouse if he/she is an Entrepreneur

Early in my career, everything seemed to be so simple. I interviewed for a job and got it. I worked hard, got a raise. Then I wanted something else, something different – interviewed for a different job at a different company, and got it again. I worked hard, got a raise. This happened several times. […]

Attitude of Gratitude

  I recently shared an article on my Facebook page Aghy’s World “Is Productivity Contagious” by Jessica Stillman. This article caught my eye because I am of the belief that behaviour of any sort is contagious, and, therefore, I found it very credible that productivity is indeed contagious. If you buy into this concept, it […]

Fluent in Jargonese

  I had a comment recently thanking me for explaining Enterprise Search in layman’s terms; or ‘laywoman’s’ terms. Whenever I get feedback like that it makes me very happy. Naturally I love to get thanks and positive feedback! But what’s really important to me is that I give useful and insightful help and information, about […]

Three Things to do when Productivity has been Shot

  Recently, I’ve been asked this question: “My productivity has been shot the past two days. I am feeling pretty overwhelmed, alone, and depressed. What do you do when you are feeling this way?” I answered this personally of course, and I thought, this is actually something which we all deal with from time to […]

More Changes

One change leads to others… Recently I’ve made some changes on my blogs and social networks: first, I’ve created a public Facebook page to separate my professional updates from my personal profile. Then I separated my professional blog from this one, which is more personal and shows my mentor & writer persona. The next step […]

Changes on my Blog

If you’re a regular reader of my blog, you might have noticed there are some changes happened here. After years spent writing mostly about Enterprise Search and Content Management, you will now notice there have been more personal and mentorship posts recently. As I have been extending what I do, I’ve also decided to separate […]

Role Model Series – Think Time

In the busy schedule of everyday life full of work and family commitments, it can be hard to fit in time to do something for yourself.   We often feel guilty about taking time out, even for our personal care necessities, like taking a little exercise or stopping to eat a proper lunch.   We are driven […]


  The majority of professional women work in a male-dominated industry sector. In areas where the majority of the workforce is made up of women, quite often the power base is held by male bosses. In the IT sector, where I have spent my entire career, it is certainly the case that women are in […]

Life Changes (and “Customer Service”)

During our lives, we experience many life changes. Some of them we are prepared for and some of them come flying at us out of left field, catching us thoroughly unprepared. Yet where ever they manifest from, and whether or not, we welcome them, these changes have to be accommodated: that’s life! In business, coping […]

Mentors and Models

  It’s a wonderful thing to have a mentor in your life. Someone to whom you can turn for advice, guidance and support is something that I have been privileged to have in my professional life. I’ve also been lucky enough to have great role models during my younger, more formative years. Many of the […]

Juggling Family and Work Commitments

  There’s a good many of us considered to be Superwomen out there. I regard any woman raising her family, contributing to the family income and giving of herself daily to her family, friends, peer group and community, as a superwoman. Women today enjoy freedoms that have been hard-won by generations of aspirational and inspirational […]

Search Explained

As you likely know, a bit more than a year ago I started my journey of being an independent consultant. I had some ups and downs, great experiences and nice challenges to solve – exactly what I expected and  was looking for when decided to go solo. But now, it’s time to move forward. During […]