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How I Got Started in IT

Everyone has his/her own story of life, and I’d like to share mine here. I was born as the first child of a very poor family, living in Eastern Hungary. My mother is a seamstress, my father is a metal worker. I inherited my father’s skills at problem solving; he had been always good in […]

Kate Winslet L'Oreal

It’s Never too Early to Start

One of my favourite Facebook pages, A Mighty Girl, posted a great article recently which really resonated with me as a mom and as a mentor: I’ve mentioned their page before and the reason I especially like it is that it is specifically for our young girls and young women. Their messages are always positive […]

Nichelle Nichols - NASA

Role Model Series – Look to the Stars!

I’ve been writing a bit about the big boys of business recently and some of the lessons I’m taking from them; today it’s the girls’ turn.   One woman in particular I have found truly inspirational, on many different levels, is Nichelle Nichols.   I shared a post about her earlier this month, from the A Mighty […]

Steve Jobs 1955-2011

Role Model Series – Look Back!

Continuing in the vein of inspiring leaders of our time and of my sector, my earlier thoughts on Bill Gates’ Think Week, have run on to Steve Jobs’ comments on some of his approaches to business and the insights into his success with Apple. One of Steve Jobs’ quotations which resonates with me is, ‘You […]

Role Model Series – Think Time

In the busy schedule of everyday life full of work and family commitments, it can be hard to fit in time to do something for yourself.   We often feel guilty about taking time out, even for our personal care necessities, like taking a little exercise or stopping to eat a proper lunch.   We are driven […]

Kids reading - Kindle

Kids & Kindle

  Coming from a non-English speaking background and working in the international arena has made honing my language skills extremely important to me personally and professionally. As a mother, I am very aware of the advantages that proficiency in the world’s first common language, English, will bring to my children.  My kids already understand the […]