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Public speaking in English as a second language is sometimes frightening

Public Speaking in English as a Second Language

  As you might know from my previous post, I was over 20 when I started to learn English. Before that, I had to study Russian (yeah, I was born during the years of communism in Hungary), German as well as French in the school – but you can guess I don’t really speak any […]

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Five Things I Learned while NOT Traveling for 403 days

  Being quite addicted to traveling (yes, I have to admit that!), I love taking my luggage and heading to the airport, visiting new countries or getting back to familiar places. Although I was over 25 when I took my first flight, travel became an addiction soon. I’ve been to more than thirty countries in […]

Fluent in Jargonese

  I had a comment recently thanking me for explaining Enterprise Search in layman’s terms; or ‘laywoman’s’ terms. Whenever I get feedback like that it makes me very happy. Naturally I love to get thanks and positive feedback! But what’s really important to me is that I give useful and insightful help and information, about […]

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It’s all Geek to me!

The English have a saying ‘It’s all Greek to me’. It means; I have understood so little of what you’re saying that it is as if you are speaking to me in the Greek language. Have you ever felt like that when listening to a speaker? I know that this is often experienced, for instance, […]

Mentors and Models

  It’s a wonderful thing to have a mentor in your life. Someone to whom you can turn for advice, guidance and support is something that I have been privileged to have in my professional life. I’ve also been lucky enough to have great role models during my younger, more formative years. Many of the […]

Singapore, Here I Come

The countdown is on! I’ll soon be winging my way to Singapore for the IKO Conference 2015 taking place on 8-9 June. Although I do love to travel, I also miss my family when I’m away. However, they are always close to my heart, and an essential in my hand luggage is a rather misshapen, […]

IT for Kids – The Cloud #3

In the previous post, I described my son’s “first time” with Cloud. A couple of weeks after, I was speaking at SPC Adriatics in Zagreb. My Office Graph and Delve session was the second one in the morning, right after Dan Holme‘s Cloud session (good timing!). Ten minutes before my start, my laptop decided to […]