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Be a successful entrepreneur in your small business

My Five Tips for Small Businesses

When establishing a new business, excitement is one of the key motivators. Of course, you are excited! I am not an exception either. When I quit my job to start working on my won, I was super excited. I was also scared. I wanted to do everything at once. But at many times, I was […]


Focus Triggers

I have to admit it’s not easy to focus here while I’m writing these words. Although I’m sitting in my home office, there are too many distractions. My youngest boy is sleeping in the room next to me, and there’s a good chance he wakes up in only a few minutes. My eldest son is […]

Women helping Women #IStandByYou

#IStandByYou – My Pledge to Mentor Young Women in Technology

When I read Cathy’s story first, my very first impression was: “This is so much me!” I kept following her and the #IStandByYou campaign, and as soon as it got officially announced, I decided to make my own pledge here. You already know my story of How I Got Started in IT. I am a […]

How I Got Started in IT

Everyone has his/her own story of life, and I’d like to share mine here. I was born as the first child of a very poor family, living in Eastern Hungary. My mother is a seamstress, my father is a metal worker. I inherited my father’s skills at problem solving; he had been always good in […]

Tomorrow’s Thought Leaders Today

  ‘Thought Leader’ and ‘Influencer’ are very much buzz words across the digital space (‘space’ that’s another one!). Very few people who become leaders in this field actually set out to self-style themselves to be a thought leader or influencer in my opinion. I think they just did their thing, shared it, and people began […]

Fluent in Jargonese

  I had a comment recently thanking me for explaining Enterprise Search in layman’s terms; or ‘laywoman’s’ terms. Whenever I get feedback like that it makes me very happy. Naturally I love to get thanks and positive feedback! But what’s really important to me is that I give useful and insightful help and information, about […]


The Sowing & Sewing of Friendships

Friendship… there are many kinds… I have friends of many years who I met at school or university, through my work, through my family, social circles, activities and of course, those who I have made in the digital space. Can someone you have never actually met become a friend? I have found that yes, it […]

Stop Comparing!

Today I want to share a couple thoughts about making comparisons. I recently shared an article on my Aghy’s World Facebook page by Wendy Redden. If you missed it and want to read it, it’s here: Ms Redden’s #9 tip is ‘Stop Comparing’. I want to add to this a little because I think that […]

Kate Winslet L'Oreal

It’s Never too Early to Start

One of my favourite Facebook pages, A Mighty Girl, posted a great article recently which really resonated with me as a mom and as a mentor: I’ve mentioned their page before and the reason I especially like it is that it is specifically for our young girls and young women. Their messages are always positive […]

Three Things to do when Productivity has been Shot

  Recently, I’ve been asked this question: “My productivity has been shot the past two days. I am feeling pretty overwhelmed, alone, and depressed. What do you do when you are feeling this way?” I answered this personally of course, and I thought, this is actually something which we all deal with from time to […]

Prime Time – The Importance of Communication

I share the (quite common) belief that, if you don’t have a habit of open and continual communication with your kids, then neither will they with you. I don’t intend to simplify the syndrome typical to many kids who, upon reaching teenage years, think that the last (cool) person on earth to talk to is […]

It Takes a Global Village to Raise a Child

  There’s a great deal written about education and what’s best for our children.You know me – I strongly embrace anything which broadens the mind, builds experience and promotes inquisitiveness, above and beyond what is offered in the school system. I’m fortunate to be an entrepreneur who has designed my professional life around my personal […]

Mentoring Generation-Z

  The value of a mentor is immense. Mentors come in many guises, but generally are of a different generation to the mentoree, in order to be able to provide the depth and breadth of experience, knowledge and expertise needed to contribute effectively to the development of each mentoree. This is one reason why, as […]

Agility with Children – Tools and Techniques

  Making a plan vital in order to be able to meet all the children’s needs.  If you have to drive the kids to school as well as  afternoon activities like we do, it needs to be feasible. First, because you cannot be in two places at the same time. Second, because driving always needs […]

Agility with Children – Decisions and Dedication

Some of you might know that I’ve been a Certified Scrum Master for several years. Being passionate about agile techniques has its own benefits in my professional work, but also in my everyday life. Sure, we don’t live our family life in sprints, and don’t start our days with stand-up meetings. But we definitely have […]