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Mentoring Generation-Z

  The value of a mentor is immense. Mentors come in many guises, but generally are of a different generation to the mentoree, in order to be able to provide the depth and breadth of experience, knowledge and expertise needed to contribute effectively to the development of each mentoree. This is one reason why, as […]

Agility with Children – Tools and Techniques

  Making a plan vital in order to be able to meet all the children’s needs.  If you have to drive the kids to school as well as  afternoon activities like we do, it needs to be feasible. First, because you cannot be in two places at the same time. Second, because driving always needs […]

Agility with Children – Decisions and Dedication

Some of you might know that I’ve been a Certified Scrum Master for several years. Being passionate about agile techniques has its own benefits in my professional work, but also in my everyday life. Sure, we don’t live our family life in sprints, and don’t start our days with stand-up meetings. But we definitely have […]


We got to a new, important topic with my son, while learning programming (and problem-solving skills) together: combinatorics. Here are some examples from our “class” yesterday: 1. You want to organize your bookshelf. Assuming you have three books on the first shelf, how many different ways you can organize them to?2. What if you have […]

IT for Kids – The Cloud #2

Once my daughter started to use “you can do everything in the cloud” as a mantra, B., my son immediately got interested. We got to the question very soon: “Mom, what’s the Cloud?” I sit down with him, and thought explaining Cloud as a HUUUUUGE data storage first would do. The discussion went like this: […]

IT for Kids – The Cloud #1

In July, I gave a presentation at a Summer Academy for students in Budapest, Hungary. My topic was “Carrier Management“: how to find YOUR topic and how to be successful in what you do. I was not planning so, but at the end I had to take my 5.5 years old daughter with me. Right […]

Teaching IT for Kids

IT for Kids – The Background

Recently, I’ve decided to teach my son, B. and one of his friends G. to programming, problem solving and algorithmic thinking. The reason behind this decision was quite complex. First, these 8.5 years old boys are amazingly interested in everything computer related. Second, what they learn in the school as Math is (sorry for saying […]

My very first Search Application at the age of 17

Today, I had a discussion with my 8 years old son about my first steps with computers and programming. I had VERY good math teachers both in the elementary and high schools who supported me towards my profession today, and who let me in the the schools’ computer rooms. This was the age when we […]