Three Reasons Why Sewing is a great Balancer

People are often surprised when they discover my rather old-fashioned pastime of sewing. I think they find it a bit at odds with my tech-head professional activities. Yet, what could be a better balance, than that of absorbing yourself in both the old and the new? How fortunate to be living in an era where […]

Birthday Reflections

  This month I turned 36! I can hardly believe that I am nearer to 40 than 30!! Like many people, each birthday tends to be a time for some personal reflection. Maybe I should rephrase that. Like many people who are at an age when a birthday is no longer just about celebrating like […]

Dreams Come True

When Dreams Come True

Photo credit: Dragon Sisters We all have dreams, don’t we? Sometimes, the hurly burly of life has a way of pushing some of those dreams aside. Maybe to make room for the biggest dreams to get happening. Either way, occasionally, an old long-forgotten dream can resurface, unbidden, and say, ‘Hey remember me?! Long ago I […]

Attitude of Gratitude

  I recently shared an article on my Facebook page Aghy’s World “Is Productivity Contagious” by Jessica Stillman. This article caught my eye because I am of the belief that behaviour of any sort is contagious, and, therefore, I found it very credible that productivity is indeed contagious. If you buy into this concept, it […]

Into 2016 and Beyond

  Happy New Year!! Don’t you love a brand new shiny start? I do! I’m always excited about what the new year holds – so many new things: plans, people, places, opportunities, lessons, experiences… the list is endless –– and that’s just the things I know about, which I can look forward to with anticipation. […]

Christmas is Coming – Family Festivities

  What I always love about Christmas are the traditions that go with it, many of them long-standing family traditions. Of course, each culture and each family have their own variations.Here in Hungary, and with my family, we traditionally decorate the Christmas tree with the kids, on December 24th. I know in many western cultures […]

Christmas is Coming – Kid Christmas

  I recently wrote about Corporate Christmas in my Christmas is Coming! Blog series. Today my thoughts turn to Kid Christmas. It doesn’t matter how flat out we are with our business, we still need to be on top of Kid Christmas.I find the children’s excitement and enthusiasm infectious at this time of year. Whilst […]

Christmas is Coming – Corporate Christmas

  It’s that time of year again! On the work front it can be a frantic countdown: deadlines to meet; Christmas client, staff and corporate hospitality to attend and to host; Christmas correspondence to send out; strategies and projections to plan for the New Year… There’s no wonder we arrive in December 25th a little […]

Mark Zuckerberg - Facebook

Facebook & Philanthropy

Since we all use Facebook on an almost daily basis, I thought it would be interesting to share an article in which its founder features as #9 of the most powerful people in the US today. (You can read it here if you’d like). What really interested me was not Mark Zuckerberg’s ranking in the […]

Tomorrow’s Thought Leaders Today

  ‘Thought Leader’ and ‘Influencer’ are very much buzz words across the digital space (‘space’ that’s another one!). Very few people who become leaders in this field actually set out to self-style themselves to be a thought leader or influencer in my opinion. I think they just did their thing, shared it, and people began […]

Fluent in Jargonese

  I had a comment recently thanking me for explaining Enterprise Search in layman’s terms; or ‘laywoman’s’ terms. Whenever I get feedback like that it makes me very happy. Naturally I love to get thanks and positive feedback! But what’s really important to me is that I give useful and insightful help and information, about […]


The Sowing & Sewing of Friendships

Friendship… there are many kinds… I have friends of many years who I met at school or university, through my work, through my family, social circles, activities and of course, those who I have made in the digital space. Can someone you have never actually met become a friend? I have found that yes, it […]

Stop Comparing!

Today I want to share a couple thoughts about making comparisons. I recently shared an article on my Aghy’s World Facebook page by Wendy Redden. If you missed it and want to read it, it’s here: Ms Redden’s #9 tip is ‘Stop Comparing’. I want to add to this a little because I think that […]

Kate Winslet L'Oreal

It’s Never too Early to Start

One of my favourite Facebook pages, A Mighty Girl, posted a great article recently which really resonated with me as a mom and as a mentor: I’ve mentioned their page before and the reason I especially like it is that it is specifically for our young girls and young women. Their messages are always positive […]

Exciting News – Top 25 European Office 365 Influencers

Wow! I am so excited as I write this quick blog to share my great news with you… I’ve just learnt about my latest award, as one of the Top 25 European Office 365 Influencers. I’m one of just two women recognized! This is the third year running that I have been given this honour […]