Happy Thanksgiving 2016

My thoughts for Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving 2016

Here in Hungary, we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving. But I truly believe, we have to be grateful for what we have every single day.

We have food to eat.

We live in peace.

We are healthy. Even when we have flu in the house, like now, I consider it to be “normal” with three children. Moreover, it’s amazing to see how strong they want each other to be healthy again. These days, it’s my turn – I’ve got flu with some serious vocal cord inflammation. I haven’t been able to talk for days. It’s a challenge: both in my work as well as with the kids. But seeing how awesome they are is something I cannot be grateful enough. They help a lot. They’re my “translators” in the grocery store, bakery, post office, etc. They know that if I clap my hands they have to pay immediate attention to me. Even the little one.

I cannot talk, but there are no words how grateful I am for being their mother anyway.

I am also thankful for you, who read this post. Without you, my professional life could not be what it is today. I do what I love and I love what I do. I can travel, meet people, experience cultures. I can share my knowledge in various formats: at conferences, workshops, on my blog, in my books, etc. I can mentor wonderful young women. I can be a part of this amazing community.

Thank you!

If you celebrate today – I wish you Happy Thanksgiving, and hope you can spend the day with your beloved ones.

If not, please slow down anyway, and think about your wonderful life. There are so many things we can and have to be grateful. Make this Thanksgiving a day when you celebrate YOUR life, regardsless of where you are. Feel the sun shining on your face, the wind touching your skin. Listen to the birds around you. Watch your children playing. Read your favorite book. Make a walk and feel every step you take. Smile.

Happy Thanksgiving! Life is beautiful!