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Five Things I Learned while NOT Traveling for 403 days

  Being quite addicted to traveling (yes, I have to admit that!), I love taking my luggage and heading to the airport, visiting new countries or getting back to familiar places. Although I was over 25 when I took my first flight, travel became an addiction soon. I’ve been to more than thirty countries in […]

Singapore, Here I Come

The countdown is on! I’ll soon be winging my way to Singapore for the IKO Conference 2015 taking place on 8-9 June. Although I do love to travel, I also miss my family when I’m away. However, they are always close to my heart, and an essential in my hand luggage is a rather misshapen, […]

Travel – US Immigration

I’ve been 25+ times in the US in the past few years, visited 10+ states. My shortest visit was only a few hours, the longest one more than two weeks. One of the funniest (sometimes: most challenging) part of these trips is the immigration. You never know what questions you get or why. I’ve ended […]

Let’s Travel!

People who know me consider me as world traveler – althought this wasn’t always so. I was above 20 when I left Hungary for the first time (to Vienna, which is one of the closest cities). I was 25 when I first flew. Now, less than ten years later, I have more than 200k miles […]