Public Speaking

One of my biggest passion is traveling the world and speak at events and workshops.
My hope is to share this passion and zest in these posts and provide inspiration and encouragement for everyone who wants to be more successful in public speaking.

Public speaking in English as a second language is sometimes frightening

Public Speaking in English as a Second Language

  As you might know from my previous post, I was over 20 when I started to learn English. Before that, I had to study Russian (yeah, I was born during the years of communism in Hungary), German as well as French in the school – but you can guess I don’t really speak any […]

Guilt Management

Guilt Management for Mothers

In the last few days, I was reading Sheryl Sandberg’s book: Lean In – Women, Work, and the Will to Lead. (Thank you my friend, Vanessa for the recommendation!) I am planning to write a separate post about the book itself, but one sentence of Sheryl resonated me a lot. She writes: “Guilt management can […]

Fluent in Jargonese

  I had a comment recently thanking me for explaining Enterprise Search in layman’s terms; or ‘laywoman’s’ terms. Whenever I get feedback like that it makes me very happy. Naturally I love to get thanks and positive feedback! But what’s really important to me is that I give useful and insightful help and information, about […]

Training Workshop

It’s all Geek to me!

The English have a saying ‘It’s all Greek to me’. It means; I have understood so little of what you’re saying that it is as if you are speaking to me in the Greek language. Have you ever felt like that when listening to a speaker? I know that this is often experienced, for instance, […]