Into 2016 and Beyond

  Happy New Year!! Don’t you love a brand new shiny start? I do! I’m always excited about what the new year holds – so many new things: plans, people, places, opportunities, lessons, experiences… the list is endless –– and that’s just the things I know about, which I can look forward to with anticipation. […]

Christmas is Coming – Family Festivities

  What I always love about Christmas are the traditions that go with it, many of them long-standing family traditions. Of course, each culture and each family have their own variations.Here in Hungary, and with my family, we traditionally decorate the Christmas tree with the kids, on December 24th. I know in many western cultures […]

Christmas is Coming – Kid Christmas

  I recently wrote about Corporate Christmas in my Christmas is Coming! Blog series. Today my thoughts turn to Kid Christmas. It doesn’t matter how flat out we are with our business, we still need to be on top of Kid Christmas.I find the children’s excitement and enthusiasm infectious at this time of year. Whilst […]

Exciting News – Top 25 European Office 365 Influencers

Wow! I am so excited as I write this quick blog to share my great news with you… I’ve just learnt about my latest award, as one of the Top 25 European Office 365 Influencers. I’m one of just two women recognized! This is the third year running that I have been given this honour […]

More Changes

One change leads to others… Recently I’ve made some changes on my blogs and social networks: first, I’ve created a public Facebook page to separate my professional updates from my personal profile. Then I separated my professional blog from this one, which is more personal and shows my mentor & writer persona. The next step […]

Singapore, Here I Come

The countdown is on! I’ll soon be winging my way to Singapore for the IKO Conference 2015 taking place on 8-9 June. Although I do love to travel, I also miss my family when I’m away. However, they are always close to my heart, and an essential in my hand luggage is a rather misshapen, […]

Help Typhoon #Haiyan Victims and #SharePoint MVPs & Experts Will Help You #rescueph

As you may know by now, on Nov 8, 2013 , the deadliest typhoon ever recorded in history devastated the Philippines. Typhoon Haiyan was stronger than hurricanes Katrina and Sandy combined. Countless lives have been lost and a lot of help is needed. It is estimated at least 10,000 people have perished. We, a group […]