Be a successful entrepreneur in your small business

My Five Tips for Small Businesses

When establishing a new business, excitement is one of the key motivators. Of course, you are excited! I am not an exception either. When I quit my job to start working on my won, I was super excited. I was also scared. I wanted to do everything at once. But at many times, I was […]

How to Support your Spouse if he/she is an Entrepreneur

Early in my career, everything seemed to be so simple. I interviewed for a job and got it. I worked hard, got a raise. Then I wanted something else, something different – interviewed for a different job at a different company, and got it again. I worked hard, got a raise. This happened several times. […]

Ditch and Delegate

This is what I am doing! And it feels great 🙂 I make no apology for writing quite often about being a working mom – it’s a big part of my life, and the same for many of you I know. On that note, I’d like to share this piece 25 Things Every Working Mom […]

Mark Zuckerberg - Facebook

Facebook & Philanthropy

Since we all use Facebook on an almost daily basis, I thought it would be interesting to share an article in which its founder features as #9 of the most powerful people in the US today. (You can read it here if you’d like). What really interested me was not Mark Zuckerberg’s ranking in the […]

Farewell - Cross the ocean


More than two years ago my life has changed dramatically: I “crossed the ocean” – started working for BA Insight as a Senior Search Solutions Consultant.  It’s been one of the best periods of my life: I learned and experienced a lot, worked with outstanding colleagues on very nice projects. Could not be more thankful […]